The Rush: Alex Morgan reveals real life Ted Lasso, co-ed squad, love of shelter dogs and more

Soccer legend Alex Morgan is on The Rush revealing which win means more between the World Cup and Olympic gold, her real life Ted Lasso, which teammates she’d want on her co-ed soccer squad (including a Ronaldo vs. Messi pick) and her mission of getting shelter dogs into loving homes. Plus, Alex is partnering with premium pet food company Stella and Chewy’s for National Dog Day, and all proceeds from sales of Alex’s “I’d Rather be with my Dog” hat will support pets in need.

Video Transcript

JARED QUAY: Can you give me a Roy Kent impression?



ALEX MORGAN: I mean, honestly, when I think of Roy, I just-- (DEEP VOICE) I just think of talking like this.

- How many millions of people have seen me look like I'm knob?

ALEX MORGAN: Like, it's almost like so monotone and like you're just like, OK, what are you going to say? Like, spit it out.

JARED QUAY: I'm here with two-time World Cup Champion, soccer legend Alex Morgan. You just came home from the Olympics where the US women took home a bronze medal. What's more meaningful in a first place? Is it the World Cup or the Olympics?

ALEX MORGAN: I mean, it's a tough one. I think like just the World Cup in general is just looked at as the biggest soccer event in the world, you know. It's all eyes on football, really, like globally. So I think like, in general, I think the World Cup means more to most footballers. To me though, like I grew up watching the Olympics, and that's like the reason I started playing soccer, and that's the reason I grew a passion for playing soccer. So I also just have this like love for the Olympics that like-- I don't know. They're kind of just like both up there, you know.

JARED QUAY: During the Olympics, we saw co-ed races in the pool and on the track. So of all active players today, who would be on your co-ed starting 11?

ALEX MORGAN: I mean, that's though. Like we're going to have to have like a 30-minute conversation about this if we really want to go into it.

JARED QUAY: Give me three. Give me three that you got to have. Who's your three?

ALEX MORGAN: OK, so you know I would start off by saying like my husband because he's also a professional soccer player. But then I'm like, would we be good teammates or not? Like, you know, it's like-- oh, so OK, but I'll put him there, you know, just to like keep the household in like a good manner.

I'm going to go with Sydney Leroux because we've just been teammates pretty much since we were 18 years old, and she's just like-- we just have so much fun together. Well, you got to look at who you just like gel with, you know. And then, let's see. To kind of hold it down in the back, I'm going to go with Becky Sauerbrunn because Captain America. I mean, how can you leave her out of this?

JARED QUAY: Definitely. And if you have to pick one between Ronaldo or Messi, who are you taking?

ALEX MORGAN: Well, you know, it's like they're going to kill me if I say one or the other but I'm with Messi.

JARED QUAY: Everyone seems to love this new show "Ted Lasso."

- Let me know if I'm winning or losing, all right?

JARED QUAY: And so my question to you is who is the coach or teammate who most reminds you of Lasso?

ALEX MORGAN: Our head coach of the National team, Vlatko. He's just like-- he's a really positive guy, but he's like say it as you see it also. Obviously, like Ted Lasso doesn't really have the soccer brains, but he has like the motivation brains, and he's just like-- he's super honest and so, yeah, I think that that Vlatko kind of has some of those traits as well.

JARED QUAY: You teamed up with premium pet food company Stella and Chewy. How are you guys planning to make tomorrow, National Dog Day, special for pups and they're humans?

ALEX MORGAN: You know what? What I'm going to be doing is taking my dogs to the park. We have like a dog park that kind of is like up against the lake, so they love going in the lake. Kind of just giving them a couple of extra treats than usual and cuddles, you know. It's just like-- it's important to make them feel loved. And sometimes I feel like if, you know, I'm working or I'm taking care of Charlie a lot, you tend to just like sometimes forget about them for a few hours, so it's really nice to just give them a little bit more love than usual.

JARED QUAY: What attracted you to the company Stella and Chewy and want to work with them?

ALEX MORGAN: Honestly, I partnered with them because of their love for shelter dogs and wanting to find shelter dogs a home. The reason I'm wearing this actually is because they partnered with Lucy & Co., who is a pet merchandise brand, and they're selling this hat and all proceeds go to shelter dogs in need. I adopted both Kona and Blue and it's just people don't realize how many dogs really need homes in this country and how many dogs are kind of left on the street or bred to have their puppies sold when they're not even in a loving home.

So honestly, I wanted to give as many dogs as I can the best home possible and that is Kona and Blue, but I encourage people to adopt dogs and go to shelters and help out if you can, if you have some extra time. And Stella and Chewy really has kind of that same mindset.

JARED QUAY: Happy National Dog's day to everybody, which would be tomorrow. Thank you, guys, and thank you, Alex, for coming on the show.

ALEX MORGAN: Yeah, of course. Thanks for having me.