Rudy Gobert still hasn't fully recovered months after his positive coronavirus test

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Utah Jazz big man Rudy Gobert first tested positive for coronavirus in March. Three months later, Gobert hasn’t fully recovered.

Gobert, 28, told L’Equipe he hasn’t regained his sense of smell. HoopsHype translated the portion of the interview in which Gobert talks about his ability to smell things.

“The taste has returned, but the smell is still not 100%. I can smell the smells, but not from afar. I spoke to specialists, who told me that it could take up to a year.”

That’s not necessarily a major side effect, but it’s still concerning considering it’s been months since Gobert first tested positive. If he’s still dealing with one symptom three months later, what does that mean for other people who test positive? Could others suffer more damaging long-term effects from the virus?

Despite still dealing with symptoms, Gobert intends to report to the Jazz for the season restart in Orlando.

After joking about the virus initially, Gobert became the first player in the NBA to reveal a positive test. The league halted its season following Gobert’s diagnosis. He apologized for his carelessness and urged others to take coronavirus seriously.

A number of NBA players have tested positive over the past three months. While some — like Jabari Parker and Malcolm Brogdon — have revealed their positive tests results, others have chosen to remain anonymous.

It’s unclear how those players will recover in the months following those positive tests. They may be free of the virus and cleared to play, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have fully recovered. Like Gobert, they could have symptoms that last months.

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