The Royals staged a Kiss Cam moment gone wrong, and it showed rival fan get soaked

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Screengrab of Royals TikTok video

While the Royals lost to the Tigers 10-2 on Sept. 9, the night wasn’t a complete bummer for Kansas City fans at Kauffman Stadium.

First, there were postgame fireworks, which are always a hit among fans. Another reason was the Kiss Cam on the Royals’ Crown Vision video board.

It’s usually a fun diversion during an inning break as fans get a kick out of seeing themselves on the big board.

Sometimes a fan will be reluctant to partake, despite encouragement from other fans around the stadium. During that loss to the Tigers, a man in a Detroit T-shirt was shown. Next to him was a woman wearing a Royals jersey who was seeking a smooch.

Instead the guy declined and looked at his phone. The camera cut away from them but later showed the man and woman again. He again refused and the woman poured the rest of her beverage on his head and stormed off.

This appeared staged but it got cheers and laughs from fans at Kauffman Stadium that night, and the Royals later shared it on TikTok.

That guy didn’t seem too upset did he?