Royals prospect uses signing bonus to give parents the best possible Christmas gift

Brady Singer’s parents have already watched him post an incredible career at Florida. Next up: his Royals career. (AP Photo)
Brady Singer’s parents have already watched him post an incredible career at Florida. Next up: his Royals career. (AP Photo)

Brady Singer’s family is probably going to remember this Christmas for the rest of their lives.

The Kansas City Royals pitching prospect celebrated Christmas with his parents this year and handed them a letter containing his gift: a clearance of all the debt they accrued while supporting Singer’s career in the expensive world of elite youth baseball.

Singer captured his mother reading the card to his father and posted the video on Twitter. Their reaction as they process just what their son is saying is a perfect Christmas moment:

A full transcript of the letter that Singer’s mother read out:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I just want to say thank you for everything you’ve done to help me reach my dreams. From Woodley Field to Kauffman Stadium, there’s absolutely no way I could have done all of this by myself. Both of you constantly took off of work and spent every dime you made just to put a smile on my face. My silent appreciation for both of you has never stopped and it never will.

I will always remember traveling around Florida for baseball, trying to cheaply eat and save money, but I never could, because you both always wanted me to have the best stuff to help me to pursue my dream. The money you both spent on traveling, gear, hotel, food and all those Gatorades I drank is much more than I could ever give you, but there’s something I want to give to you.

I am paying off the loan from the bank. Also, I paid off all of your debt as well. Now, instead of trying to save money every weekend to replace the savings account you drained on traveling to see me play baseball, you can spend it on yourselves because you deserve the very best. I want you both to know how much I appreciate you and how none of this would be possible without you. Your giving hearts helped to shape my tiny dream into a reality. I love you both more than you could ever imagine and will never forget what you both have done. Now let’s go celebrate, Merry Christmas.

Love always,


The funds Singer used to clear his parents’ debt would have come from the $4.25 million signing bonus he received as the 18th overall pick in the 2018 MLB draft. The 22-year-old is now ranked by Baseball America as the top prospect in the Royals system despite having not yet made his pro debut due to a heavy college workload and a minor hamstring injury.

A right-hander out of the University of Florida, Singer won the SEC Pitcher of the Year award and was a finalist for the prestigious Golden Spikes Award last year. A season earlier, he helped lead the Gators to the program’s first ever national title.

Singer has already achieved a baseball career that any parent would be proud of, and thanks to a very special Christmas, the Singers will likely have a lot less to worry about as they watch him begin his MLB career.

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