Roy Hibbert is sick of you confusing him for Hasheem Thabeet

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert enjoyed a successful career at Georgetown, and he's worked as one of the NBA's better young centers in Indiana since the team traded for him in 2008. Hibbert has improved every season, constantly working in new wrinkles to his offensive game, and the Pacers don't appear keen to trade him anytime soon.

Hasheem Thabeet? He was a Big East fixture, like Hibbert, at Connecticut. Unlike Hibbert, Thabeet (pictured to the right) was a high lottery pick; selected by the Memphis Grizzlies second overall (yikes) in the 2009 draft. Thabeet has since been traded to Houston, but he's also spent time with two different D-League teams and, well, Roy Hibbert doesn't like it when you confuse the two of them.

From an appearance on "The Dan LeBatard Show" recently, as transcribed by Sports Radio Interviews:

What is the worst part of being 7-foot-2?:

"People coming up to me asking me if I'm Hasheem Thabeet. That's probably the worst thing. No offense to him, but I look nothing like him."

No offense? That's not gonna happen, Roy. I wouldn't take offense if someone confused me for, say, Daniel Craig. But I would take great offense if someone confused me for, perhaps, TV's Donny Most.

And, if we're honest, you're probably offended when people compare your games, Roy. I probably would be too, considering that Hasheem has scored just 267 points in his career, and that you probably top that in a month.

No offense, Hasheem.

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