Roy Hibbert's got a painting of himself hanging over the fireplace in his home (Photo)

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Bad news, Carmelo Anthony. I know you thought you were the only prominent Eastern Conference frontcourt player with a painted portrait of yourself hanging over the fireplace in your living room, but it appears that Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert has prevented you from owning that distinction. Oh, well. At least you have some experience with Hibbert blocking you and keeping you from stuff you want.

Hibbert shared his home decor choice via social media on Thursday:

Not going to lie: I'm kind of bummed out that it's not a painting of Hibbert in a monocle and ponytail. I've seen one artist's rendering of it before, and it seems like it'd be a really good look for him.

"N yea I do have a hand painted pic of myself above my chimney," Hibbert wrote in the caption of his Instagram photo, immediately leading to people correcting him about what chimneys and fireplaces are, because Internet. "There may be more scattered around the house."

If we translate "may be" as "is," which is generally the case, we now know that Hibbert has a self-portrait over his fireplace, more scattered around the house and multiple enlarged photos of his Game 6 block of Anthony hanging in his "man cave." On one hand, this sounds like a lot of pictures of yourself to have up in your pad. On the other, as I was typing that, I realized that there are no fewer than 13 framed pictures of me in my one-bedroom apartment, and I haven't done anything nearly as cool as completely change the momentum of an Eastern Conference Finals game, so I guess Roy's situation is pretty normal. (Also, I might be a bit more narcissistic than I thought.)

I don't have any paintings of myself, though, so maybe Roy and I are a little different in that particular decorating sense; still, I now can't help wondering if he has a framed 1987 promotional photo of WWF manager "The Doctor of Style" Slick hanging on his wall, too. Probably not, though. He probably has a painting of Slick instead.

Now that we've seen 'Melo and Hibbs rock the style, I find myself trying to identify which NBA player would make for the funniest "self-portrait-above-the-fireplace" report. The first one who came to mind is Byron Mullens, because A) I find Byron Mullens pretty funny to think about and B) I immediately remembered him posterizing LaMarcus Aldridge and started to think that would actually make a pretty amazing living room conversation piece. I'm very willing to listen to other choices, though; feel free to share them in the comments below.

Hat-tip to Trey Kerby of The Starters.

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