Roy Hibbert throws it down all over Ivan Johnson during Pacers-Hawks Game 2 (Video)

A lot of things come to mind when I think about Roy Hibbert — the phrases "pretty good" and "very tall," the grey Georgetown uniforms, lifting Jean Ralphio and refusing to pay Tom Haverford's tab, etc.

What doesn't pop right to the forefront, though, is the term "explosive dunker." That might change after the first quarter of Wednesday night's Game 2 between Hibbert's Indiana Pacers and the Atlanta Hawks, though. After receiving a pass on the pick-and-roll from point guard George Hill, Hibbert used his entire 7-foot-4-inch frame to hammer with extreme prejudice on Hawks center Ivan Johnson:

Clearly, somebody's a little ticked that he didn't win Defensive Player of the Year. And to take it out on noted no-joke-dude Johnson? That's quite something, Mr. Hibbert. Throw it down, big man.

If the clip above isn't rocking for you, feel free to check out the slam elsewhere, thanks to Beyond the Buzzer.

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