Roy Hibbert gives us insight on what it feels like to be Roy Hibbert, shootin’ hoops (Video)

Those of you that follow me on Twitter know that I am very annoying sometimes I struggle to sleep at night, which leads me to coming up with nonsense like this. One of my go-to relaxation techniques, though, is to visualize playing basketball as an attempt to lull myself into slumber. It’s not some fantasy, I’m not nailing a game-winner to cinch the NBA Finals, I’m just perched on the high elbow, usually in a triple-threat position, doin’ my thang with no defenders around.

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert, thanks to the majesty of Google Glass, has now given us a way to emulate this sort of perspective. The man is helping us visualize the types of moves a former All-Star center tends to work through, while practicing lefty hooks, super-sweet slam dunks, and 19-foot jumpers during an offseason run-through. Via Daniel Beyer and The Basketball Jones, here’s a look at Hibbert’s routine:

As was the case with Victor Oladipo’s totally-not-sponsored turn with the Google product, Hibbert’s run is an interesting blast. Dunk and alley-oops and flat-footed jumpers … ahh. Relaxing.

It might be less relaxing to Pacer fans to note that this excursion featured his first dunk since the playoffs (which, for Indiana, ended two months ago), but nobody should fret over Hibbert’s offseason workout routine. The man puts in the reps.

(And apparently he can hit a 20-footer now. While wearing glasses that will serve as our generation’s answer to the Nintendo Power Glove.)

(Also, Roy Hibbert is the best.)

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