Roy Hibbert efficiently downs an internet troll, talks shop with Steve Austin, as all of Twitter applauds

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Twitter is the best, but it is also the worst. Twitter is part of the reason why writers now start internet columns with lines like “Twitter is the best, but it is also the worst,” it is the reason scores of college graduates still use letter combinations like “ur” when they’re just two letters away from typing out the real word, and it is the reason why even a three paragraph email might be sloughed off as “too long, man.”

Early on Wednesday morning, with his Indiana Pacers in transit following a win over the Atlanta Hawks, Roy Hibbert decided to interact with a fan that seemed to needlessly go out of his way to say harsh things about a stranger.

(“Needlessly go out of the way to say harsh things about a stranger” is the literal definition, as you know, of “the internet.”)

Did the young man decide to double down and provide some sort of reasoning for his cruel outburst against an All-Star who seems a lock to be the Defensive Player of the Year, the most important player on the NBA’s best team, one of the more cerebral players in the league? Nah. He shriveled:


Further confirmation that the vast majority of internet trolls working by themselves after midnight are just looking for a friend. Though you wouldn’t split a pitcher on 50-cent wing night with these sorts of “can I get a follow?”-guys in a trillion years.

Afterwards, Roy went on to shore up wrestling plans with Stone Cold Steve Austin:

Typical Wednesday morning in Indiana.

(Hat-tip: The 40,000 people that re-tweeted this earlier today.)

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Kelly Dwyer

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