Roy Hibbert’s preview of the new ‘Call of Duty’ game comes in 140 spoken characters or less (Video)

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert is one of the game's more genial types, he's one of the more social media-friendly fellows to follow, and he remains one of the more quick-witted and creative minds in the game. So imagine our surprise when, while releasing a video designed to "preview" the video game 'Call of Duty: Ghosts,' Roy acted the strong, silent type throughout the entire clip package.


Yep, just one "whoa" in the first 40 seconds of the video, precious little after that, and no actual preview.

This is probably how I would have "previewed" the game. Just about any video game released since Super Mario's turn experimenting with raccoon cosplay leaves me cross-eyed and confused. I've never worn a headset. Heck, I've never managed a successful kill on Goldeneye.

So it's understandable that Hibbert, during a slow offseason, would take a quieter approach in talking up 'Call of Duty colon Ghosts.'

Or 'Ghost Duty: The Colonizing.' All these names are acceptable.

Roy's not done with his live action role-playing, though. From Wednesday:

Slow down there, chatty Cathy.

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