Roy Hibbert breaks his nose, beats the Lakers, hangs out with famous comics, eats waffles

Ball Don't Lie

We've made no attempt to hide our respect and admiration for NBC's 'Parks and Recreation' here at Ball Don't Lie. To this author, it's the best and most fully realized out and out comedic half-hour on TV, and the guest appearances from former Indiana Pacer Detlef Schrempf and current Pacers like Roy Hibbert only add to our appreciation of the show. The fact that the show is set in a middling suburb in Indiana, like we currently are? Well, that brings it down a notch. Can't we re-locate it to an ad agency in San Francisco or a warehouse in Culver City or something?

As Hibbert and his Pacers took to Los Angeles on Sunday to take down the local Lakers, it was only fitting that the Indy big man (after contributing 18 points and eight boards) hit up an all-night night spot with some of the show's best and brightest in the hours following Indiana's triumphant win over the Lakers. A velvet roped-run with Aziz Ansari, Amy Poehler and showrunner Michael Schur/Ken Tremendous would be too obvious, though. No, Hibbert visited Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles with Parks and Rec writers Chelsea Peretti, Jerry Alan Yang (far left, also known as "Junior" from Fire Joe Morgan), and various unidentified crew:

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Hibbert apparently supplied Peretti (who, if you're not following on Twitter, then your head is full of animal crackers) with the tickets to the Lakers/Pacers game, and the rest is history. Or, we hope, a three-show story arc.

Also, Hibbert's ability to both smile for the cameras and waft in some delicious smog-less scents lends credibility to World Metta Peace's contention that Hibbert did not break his nose during Indiana's win over Los Angeles. You didn't hear? Hibbert's nose was obliterated by Kobe Bryant's elbow on Sunday night. Probably should have put that news in the first paragraph.

Here's Mark Medina from the Los Angeles Times:

"But [Hibbert] did return in the second quarter, after Pacers trainers stuffed cotton up his nose to mitigate the damage.

Don't count Lakers forward Metta World Peace among those who feel impressed.

"I don't know if it's broken," he said. "I think that's just how he looks. I think he naturally looks like that."

What, happy and content and full of delicious chicken and waffles? We all should naturally look like that.

UPDATE: Never update a post about "basketball" from a hair salon.

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