Roundtable Discussion: When does LSU make a move at head coach

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The loss to UCLA was a humbling experience for this football team. Changes to the entire staff essentially and the returning talent had many believing that 2020 was the aberration. Turns out that 2019 was the glitch in the matrix for head coach Ed Orgeron.

There is no Joe Burrow and Joe Brady to save the head coach this time. The upcoming schedule is absolutely brutal with Florida, Ole Miss, Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas A&M all ranked in the top 25 of the coaches poll. The only unranked team remaining on the schedule is UL-Monroe. That might be the only win left on the schedule. At least on paper, we could get a surprise win or two.

We have gone from a national championship team to a squad that is struggling to get bowl eligible. How the mighty have fallen. Everything going wrong for LSU falls at the feet of the head coach, Ed Orgeron. A team can’t stop the bleeding on defense with an offense with zero continuity and zero identity.

It has become a matter of when not if that LSU makes a change at head coach. The LSU Tigers Wire staff answers the question of when.

Patrick Conn, Site Editor

It really has become a foregone conclusion that the LSU brass will make a move at head coach. The history of current athletic director Scott Woodward says that he won’t make a move during the season.

Looking back at his time at Washington and Texas A&M, he allowed Ty Willingham to finish out a 0-12 campaign in 2008. With the Aggies, Woodward waited until after Texas A&M finished 2017 at 7-5.

With that being said, I think that changes with Ed Orgeron. After 5-5 last year and a 3-3 start this season, Woodward likely won’t allow this circus to continue. If the team was losing close but competing it would be one thing but two losses by 10+ points and a historic loss to Auburn this year can’t sit well with the decision-makers. Plus a historically bad defense a season ago.

After LSU likely loses to both Florida this week and Ole Miss next week, I fully expect a change to be made prior to the game against Alabama on Nov. 6.

Next, Patrick Filbin chimes in

Patrick Filbin, Site Contributor

It would be one thing if Orgeron’s Tigers looked competitive during their loss to Kentucky. Knowing his brand of coaching, his enthusiasm for competition and just the sheer talent on LSU, a lot of people expected a close game against an improved and rather proven Kentucky Wildcats team. Unfortunately for Orgeron, the opposite happened.

LSU looked out-coached, unprepared, unmotivated and got outplayed from kickoff to the last whistle. That’s never encouraging when a head coach and the rest of his staff are coming off a disappointing loss at home and are essentially playing and coaching for their jobs.

All that said, I think the LSU brass will let Orgeron coach out the rest of the year, knowing there aren’t many winnable games left on the schedule. If Orgeron isn’t let go this week, I expect him to be let go at the end of the year. That is, unless, his players completely give up on the year and show minimal effort in the next few games.

Finally, Lance Dawe gives his answer

Lance Dawe, Site Contributor

Orgeron’s tenure in Baton Rouge seems to be coming to an end one way or another. I expected the Kentucky game to allow the team to show signs of life after losing to Auburn at home. I expected this team to want to prove that the season wasn’t lost, and that the talent on roster could produce a win in Lexington. That didn’t happen.

LSU has looked uninterested at times this season in even being competitive. Offensive drives will stall with a wounded duck throw from Max Johnson or a receiver not going up to try and make a catch. The offensive line surely hasn’t been putting in much work this season. It’s been a lackadaisical approach to the game from this LSU team, and it just doesn’t make sense to me. Not with all of the star talent on roster.

I think this is a plug-and-play-move. LSU can remove the man at the top that has sucked all of the energy out of the performances on the field and replace him with someone that can give the Tigers a shot in the arm. I think if changes are going to made, they’ll be made at the end of the regular season. The rest of the schedule is so difficult I don’t see LSU getting to six wins and receiving a bowl berth. Orgeron will be gone after the Texas A&M game.