Roquan Smith does something no Bear has since Lance Briggs in 2008

Michael Allardyce
·1 min read

Smith does something no one has since Briggs in 2008 originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Bears beat the Jaguars to solidify their playoff hopes and it was the kind of Bears game Chicago hasn't seen in a while.

The offense continued to click and scored over 30-points for the fourth straight game, something they haven't accomplished in 55 years.

Then young linebacker Roquan Smith, who is proving to be one of the best in the league, notched two interceptions. Not only did that double his career interceptions, as Jack M. Silverstein noted on Twitter, it was the first time a Bears linebacker recorded two interceptions in a game since 2008.

The list of Bears linebackers who have two interceptions in a season, let alone a game, isn't very long either.

Danny Trevathan, 2018

Lance Briggs, 2012

Brian Urlacher, 2011

Lance Briggs, 2009

Lance Briggs, 2008

Brian Urlacher, 2008

Smith is living up to his first round draft pick and is going to be an anchor of the Bears defense for years to come hopefully.

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