Roommate accuses friend of deliberately letting her cooking ‘go bad’: ‘People are generally clueless’

A woman doesn’t think she’s to blame for letting her roommate’s cooking “go bad.”

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her roommate threw a New Year’s eve party at their home, but she attended one at another location.

She didn’t get home until 3 a.m. When she arrived, her roommate and the partygoers were passed out on the floor.

“I literally just got home, glanced around, showered, and slept,” the Reddit poster wrote.

But the next afternoon, her roommate was furious with her. The roommate demanded to know why she left the food out overnight. The Reddit poster didn’t know what her roommate was talking about.

“I was genuinely confused,” the Reddit poster said. “Then she said that the food she cooked and how it has just been sitting out and it’s not good to eat now.”

The roommate had cooked a bunch of food for the party and left it out before going to bed. The roommate is angry because the food was wasted.

“She said that they were clearly passed out and I could have done a nice thing,” the Reddit poster wrote. “I said that I didn’t even think to do it and just went to bed.”

Redditors shared their thoughts on the matter.

“Not your responsibility and I’d be a leery of food that has been out for like 6+ hours around bunch of drunk people,” someone commented.

“People are generally clueless,” a user wrote.

“That’s her clown show not yours,” another said.

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