Rookie Wide Receivers who could be fantasy sleepers | Yahoo Fantasy Football Show

Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon and Late Round's JJ Zachariason discuss a few rookie wide receivers who could surprise fantasy managers in 2024. Hear the full conversation on the “Yahoo Fantasy Football Show” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Any other receivers you want to spotlight for people to keep their eye on during the combine week, just like, hey, this guy's prospect profile looks really good?

JJ ZACHARIASON: Yeah, man. Xavier Worthy out of Texas. He's like a Marquise Brown-plus, potentially. His profile is arguably the third best in this class, analytically, behind Nabers and behind Marvin Harrison Jr. I mean, it's unbelievable. It's just that he's thinner. He's just got that like smaller, leaner build. And you know, I think we've seen enough of those guys being able to translate in the NFL.

I think that the problem with a guy like Worthy is everyone in the fantasy industry is going to be high on him because most people will look at stuff analytically. And so his ADP and rookie drafts and such, probably you're not going to get like a crazy value for him. That's one of the issues that you might run into.

Another one-- this is going to be maybe a little bit hot-takey-- Ricky Pearsall out of Florida. He's not someone that I think a lot of data-driven analysts are going to be on, OK? And this is similar to what I felt like with Jayden Reed last year. And what you're seeing in the media space and in the scouting space, like DJ dropped his most recent top 50, and he was in the top 50. Ricky Pearsall was.

And so actually, one of his comps, when I was doing his profile a week and a half ago, was Jayden Reed. You have a guy who can now get steamed into the second round after being maybe like a day three guy like a lot of people thought, maybe in like January or December. Similar builds between the two guys. Pearsall's maybe a little bit thinner. Reed's pretty like compact in his build. But very similar analytical marks on the production side. Slightly older prospects. He played five years in college. Jayden Reed was a little bit older, as well.

And the thing that's really interesting is that they did it on all levels of the football field. Jayden Reed, part of the reason I loved him is because he got rushing production, he had special teams production, he was playing in and out of the slot. He was playing everywhere. Ricky Pearsall is the exact same kind of way where he's just lined up everywhere. You see him taking end-arounds. And he's really, really tough, like we see with Jayden Reed, too.

So he's my Jayden Reed of this year's class. I hope that he doesn't get steamed up too much. But there's a chance that we end up seeing his name called on earlier day two than we initially expected.

MATT HARMON: Don't hold me to this because I'm not full done with his prospect profile yet from a reception perception standpoint. But I think the guy-- I think he can play.

JJ ZACHARIASON: Yeah, he looks good, man.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I think he's pretty good. So that's a good name for people to keep an eye on.