Rookie John Wall Dougies, then destroys the 76ers

I'll readily admit that I haven't the slightest clue what doing a "Dougie" means, and any attempts to look it up Wednesday morning before posting were met with a blue screen (seriously, Windows, you still do this?). But John Wall(notes) knows how to Dougie, and he Dougie'd the heck out of a Dougie Tuesday night as the introductions to his Washington Wizards home opener went down:

After that? John Wall got down.

In his first home game, against a quick and athletic Philadelphia 76ers squad, Wall nearly came through with a triple-double, finishing with 29 points, 13 assists and nine steals. He also nearly came through with a quadruple-double, finishing with eight turnovers, but let's not think too deeply about that.

The kid amazed. He was quick off the dribble and unrelenting even as the game went into overtime (oddly, a week into the NBA season, this was the first overtime game of 2010-11). Wall's jumper remains unrefined, but he also turned 20 less than two months ago, so the room is there for him to work on getting his elbow under the ball. And he pulled his Wizards -- a team playing without Gilbert Arenas(notes), with the newly terrible Kirk Hinrich(notes), and the still-oafish Andray Blatche(notes) -- to the team's first win in three 2010-11 tries.

This is a serious talent. Good for us, to have this cat around.

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