Rookie David ‘Boog’ Krol of Missouri wins Professional Bowlers Association Playoffs title in Kissimmee

Missourian David “Boog” Krol, a rookie on the Professional Bowlers Association tour, captured the PBA Playoffs championship Sunday at AMF Kissimmee Lanes, holding off fellow two-hander Jesper Swensson in a two-frame roll-off. Krol rolled a pair of strikes in the tiebreaker to capture the title.

It was the first time in seven years that the PBA made its return to Kissimmee.

Krol, who won his first PBA Tour title in March with the championship at the Delaware Classic, defeated Bill O’Neil in the semifinal round 243-202.

Swensson, a lefty from Sweden who bowls out of the Akron (Ohio) Atom Splitters bowling club, made a 53-pin comeback in the semifinals and won the first game of the final round against Krol 220-213.

Neither player was flawless in the final round, with just six strikes apiece in each game. Krol took advantage of three straight Svensson spares in the seventh, eighth and ninth frames of Game 2 to force the roll-off 204-194.

In the tiebreaker, Krol put the pressure on with a first-frame strike, and then Svensson left one pin standing on his first ball. A strike from Krol on this second ball sealed the championship.

Krol had to earn spots into tournaments during the first half of the season through seven-game Pro Tournament Qualifiers until he won the Delaware title to earn an exemption.

Svensson, who was bowling against two-time defending playoffs champion Kyle Troup in the semifinal round, was trailing his best friend by 53 pins when Troup made an unfortunate misstep into the gutter on his follow-through during the sixth frame. Troup, who appeared to slightly injure his ankle on the misstep, struggled after that and Svensson edged out his buddy 224-223.