Ronda Rousey details almost losing her finger while shooting TV show after posting gruesome picture

Chris Cwik
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Ronda Rousey.
Ronda Rousey says she almost lost a finger after a freak accident. (Getty Images)

Ronda Rousey has experienced a lot of pain over her career. As both an MMA fighter and a WWE wrestler, Rousey has dealt with plenty of bumps, breaks and bruises.

But her worst injury may have come as an actor. Rousey says she nearly lost a finger while shooting “9-1-1,” a television series on Fox. Rousey even posted a seriously gross and probably NSFW picture of her finger on Instagram. Seriously, the picture is extremely graphic. If you are squeamish in any way, do not click the link. If you must see the image, you can do so here.

See, we told you it was nasty.

Rousey says a boat door fell on her hand during the first take of the day. She was able to finish the scene, but then alerted the director. Rousey was promptly taken to the hospital, where doctors were able to reattach her “bone and tendon with a plate and screws.”

The 32-year-old Rousey says she had 50 percent range of motion back in just three days.

Rousey went into more detail about the accident Wednesday on her YouTube channel.

She said that she initially thought that she had jammed a nail.

“I thought I like just jammed my nail, Rousey said. ... “I was thinking like ‘ouch, f--- and then like don’t be a p----, just finish the scene.’ So I finished the scene and I had all these lines and stuff and I was throwing things off of the boat. And then I looked down and I was like ‘oh.’

Consider this further proof that professional fighters have a different pain threshold than normal human beings.


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