Ron Rivera will side with Dan Snyder, Jason Wright on team name direction

Ryan Homler
·2 min read

Rivera will side with Snyder, Wright on team name direction originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

One of the major storylines for the Washington Football Team in 2020 was that the team was referred to as the Washington Football Team. After 90 years with the former moniker, a change came prior to the season. 

The temporary name of course brought out different opinions from many, but as football was played, talk of the name died down slightly. Yet, with the offseason having arrived, questions as to whether a new name is on the horizon will persist.

Ron Rivera gets that but said Sunday he doesn't have any new information to share at this time. Conversations will happen, and until then, the team will be called what it was all season.

"That’s something that I’ll hear from Mr. Snyder and from [team president] Jason [Wright] as far as that’s concerned," Rivera said. "Until we get to that point, whatever we’re going to call ourselves, we’re going to call ourselves. It’ll be the Washington Football Team until then."

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Though the name was chosen in 2020 to be a temporary solution as other brands and monikers are evaluated, there's no guarantee it doesn't stick around for good. Some fans enjoy the simplicity of the name, and the first year with it did yield a trip to the playoffs as Washington's cultural and brand reset begins. Wright even noted that the name was definitely "in the running."

Even if that isn't the direction the franchise goes, it could still be around for another season. Wright has been open and vocal that the process for choosing a new name is something that will take time. The last one was around for 90 years, so getting it right is important.

While Rivera is involved in the decisions and values that shape the organization, 2020 showed him that his team can make the most of any situation. Whatever the team is called moving forward, he'll support it.

"I’m confident in whatever we have," Rivera said.