Ron Rivera says if you don't vote in 2020 election, 'Then don't complain'

Mike DePrisco
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Ron Rivera says if you don't vote, 'Then don't complain' originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Ron Rivera, in past years, handled Election Day the same way. He would go to his polling place early that morning to make sure he was one of the first to vote and then head back work at an NFL stadium. 

Then he'd head home, and around 5 p.m. he'd flip back and forth between local and national news television outlets to see how each race turned out. 

This year was a little different due to COVID-19 protocols, as he and his family all voted via mail drop box, but Rivera wasn't foregoing his right to vote in 2020. 

And on the eve of one of the most anticipated election days in recent memory, Rivera made it clear that he wants everyone who's able, to vote.

"I think it's very important that every American that's eligible to vote votes," Rivera told reporters Monday. "It's a very impactful thing, it's a tremendous thing that we have that people all over the world wish they had. We have a say of what our government is going to be like, and if we don't, shame on us.

"If you don't vote, if you waste the opportunity to vote, then don't complain," he said.

Players and teams all over the DMV area have been encouraging voter turnout in the weeks leading up to November 3. The professional sports teams have turned their stadiums into polling places, and those like Wizards star Bradley Beal, Washington Football Team president Jason Wright and Maryland Football coach Mike Locksley have all shared their stories on why voting is so important to them. 

When Virginia's voter registration portal was down for several hours on the final day to sign up to vote, FedExField's "Turnout Tuesday" allowed residents to register to vote in time. 

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed many Americans to use alternate ways of casting their ballots, but if you're planning to go to the polls in person, here's everything you need to know to vote in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia on Tuesday.