Ron Rivera: Sam Howell did what we were hoping and expecting he would do

Commanders quarterback Sam Howell got extensive playing time on Monday night, and coach Ron Rivera said after the game that Howell stepped up the way the team needs from its starting quarterback.

"Sam did exactly what we were hoping and expecting he would do. Went out and executed, took control of the offense, took control of the huddle, did a good job at the line of scrimmage," Rivera said. "I thought he executed and handled the situation and circumstances the way we hoped he'd do."

Rivera officially declared Howell the starter last week, and in Monday night's win over the Ravens Howell completed 19 of 25 passes for 188 yards, with two touchdowns and no turnovers. Howell did get sacked twice, and Rivera said Howell took the blame for that.

"First thing he told me is, 'Those two sacks were on me, coach.' He said, 'I gotta make quicker decisions, I gotta get rid of the ball better,'" Rivera said. "I thought the offensive line handled it pretty well."

Rivera said new offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has built an offense that can make the most of Howell's skills, and that the whole team believes Howell is the man for the job.

"We feel confident in who he is," Rivera said. "There's a lot of reasons to be optimistic."