Ron Rivera makes reference to “former ownership” before correcting himself

Regardless of how they feel about the draft picks made by their favorite team over the weekend, Commanders fans have reason to be a little more happy today.

Coach Ron Rivera misspoke during a Saturday media availability, referring to Daniel and Tanya Snyder as “former ownership” of the team, via Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan in D.C. Rivera then corrected himself to say “current ownership.”

Rivera’s flub was far more right than wrong. The Snyders have disconnected. They cleared out of the facility in December, we’ve reported. They’ve moved to England, we’ve heard.

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And while it’s not done until it’s done — especially if Dan Snyder decides to make things difficult on the way out — it’s getting there. The fact that Commissioner Roger Goodell recently said he expects a sale to be announced in May means the horse is out of the barn. The Snyders are out of the building. New owners, whoever they might be, will be taking the reins, sooner than later.

Even if Snyder goes with a whimper and not a bang, fans just want him gone. And it’s getting there. Rivera’s comment suggests that, as a practical matter, it has already happened.

Ron Rivera makes reference to “former ownership” before correcting himself originally appeared on Pro Football Talk