Ron Rivera disappointed and thrilled by Commanders performance on Sunday

The Commanders are 1-0 after beating the Cardinals on Sunday, but the postgame response wasn't all smiles.

Washington turned the ball over three times and generated just 248 yards of offense while trailing into the fourth quarter. Defense turned the game around as Montez Sweat forced a pair of fumbles in Arizona territory that the Commanders were able to turn into 10 points they needed to secure the 20-16 win.

Victories are hard enough to come by in the NFL that one should never be overly distressed about getting one, but Commanders head coach Ron Rivera admitted to some disappointment in his team's effort during his postgame press conference.

"I am, I am, because we had opportunities," Rivera said. "I mean, our guys, they've been working hard and practicing hard, they've been getting better and for us to make those kinds of mistakes is disappointing. I know we are all disappointed, but we're all thrilled. Believe me, I'm happy as hell. We won, I really am. But we got to play better. We really do, because again, we've worked hard, we've done things the right way, but details, we've got to be better with those."

The Commanders will try to cut down on the disappointment and amp up the thrills in a bid to go 2-0 in Denver next weekend.