Ron Rivera on defensive personnel changes: We’re not there yet

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With the exception of a Week 18 victory over the lowly Giants, Washington’s defense did not perform well down the stretch in 2021. And the club is not off to a particularly hot start in 2022 either.

Though the Commanders defeated the Jaguars in Week One, they gave up 383 total yards. In Sunday’s loss to the Lions, the club gave up 425 total yards, including 191 rushing.

Still, head coach Ron Rivera said, “I think there is a fix” to the defensive unit.

“First and foremost, it is about making sure that everybody is on the same page,” Rivera said, via JP Finlay of “And then secondly, if it persists, now you have to look at some personnel changes and we’re not there yet.”

As for a potential timeline of personnel changes, Rivera said, “that just really dictates as the season goes on.”

So changes could be on the horizon if Washington’s defensive struggles continue. Rivera also noted that the club can’t keep giving up big plays. Jacksonville had six plays of at least 20 yards in Week One. Detroit also had six in Week Two.

“We’ve given up explosives and you just can’t do that and expect to win games because that’s a big part of scoring is getting it into the opposing team’s red zone,” Rivera said, “whether it be the top of the red zone or down through the red zone, you know, when any time to get around the 30-yard-line, they have a potential to score.”

The Commanders may be in trouble this weekend, as they host the Eagles. Through two weeks, Philadelphia is first in total yards and fourth in points scored.

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