‘Rogue One’ star Diego Luna shares firsthand account of Mexico City Earthquake

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Rogue One star Diego Luna visited Conan where he shared a firsthand account of the terrible destruction from the recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck Mexico City.

Luna, who is from Mexico City, said he had been there to work on a stage film when the earthquake struck. He said “It was so scary and devastating and we ran out and there was a building that fell like half a block away from where we were.”

Despite the massive collapse and dust cloud, Luna said, “The beautiful thing is you would imagine people would be running away from this cloud, you know? But here it was the opposite. Everyone running towards the cloud to trying to get there to save someone, to save a dog. to try to see if there was anything you could do to help those what were -- that were there.”

Luna shared photos of some of the things he witnessed while walking around the devastated city. He said the camaraderie of everyone helping however they could, was inspiring.

He and fellow Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal set up a fundraising campaign at donate.omaze.com/Mexico. He said “We need a lot of money and we hope you can donate and be part of this beautiful effort to give love to those who today lost everything.”

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