Rogers: 'Stroud has great ability to extend plays'

Matthew Berry, Connor Rogers and Jay Croucher break down the Texans' selection of QB C.J. Stroud at No. 2 overall in the NFL Draft, evaluate his potential fantasy value ahead of the 2023 season and more.

Video Transcript

CONNOR ROGERS: With the second overall pick, the Houston Texans, after a lot of different debate and mystery here, guys, they take CJ Stroud, the quarterback out of Ohio State. So we heard they could have gone defense. We heard Will Levis connected to this pick. Ultimately, they make what we think was the right decision in taking CJ Stroud.

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MATTHEW BERRY: Yeah, no question about it. Quick question for you guys, who's had the tougher night, me in this outfit or that Reddit guy that said Levis is going number one overall?

CONNOR ROGERS: Tough start.

MATTHEW BERRY: Tough start. Tough start for both of us. But a great start for the Houston Texans, who get the second most pro-ready quarterback coming out of college in CJ Stroud. Now they don't have a ton to throw to there. I think there's not a lot of fantasy value to have in CJ Stroud in redraft. I think he's in that 25 to 30 range among quarterbacks.

But I think dynasty-wise, off the charts. 6'3", 214 pounds. This is a guy who's had 40 touchdowns in back-to-back seasons, the only quarterback in college that can say that over the last two seasons. I just think he's awesome. I personally actually prefer Stroud to Bryce Young in dynasty.


JAY CROUCHER: Yeah, it certainly seems like the right pick. It didn't seem like they were going to make it. In the past 24 hours, Stroud was actually the fourth favorite to go second. And out of nowhere, he comes and he's the pick. And Connor, what do you expect from him in year one?

CONNOR ROGERS: I think number one, it just gives them consistency at the position that they've lacked since they traded Deshaun Watson. And the fact that he's just so smooth mechanically, Stroud. When you give him time-- and they have pieces on the offensive line, especially with Laremy Tunsil there. They'll be able to protect him. He shouldn't be under pressure a ton where everything in structure should be complete for Stroud.

I just think he can hit all three levels. Everything is very routine for him. He's comfortable. He's been very vocal. They need to unlock more athleticism and running ability, and that's something that they'll work on with him as well. Like you hinted at, Berry, it's about getting more weapons now for the Texans to help him out.

MATTHEW BERRY: They've got Robert Woods, who looked totally done last year. And Nico Collins, we're waiting for him to break out. Noah Brown--


CONNOR ROGERS: John Metchie though, back from cancer.

MATTHEW BERRY: John Metchie, yeah, 100%. John Metchie we liked out of college. They got Dalton Schultz, who's a nice pass-catching tight end. Maybe he becomes a little bit a sleeper with Stroud under center. But this is a pick for the future, not necessarily this year in fantasy.

JAY CROUCHER: Do you think he will run more this year? Because watching Ohio State and Georgia, that was the thing that stood out the most is his mobility.

CONNOR ROGERS: Yeah, I think he will. I think he's somebody that will understand it's not going to be as easy at the next level. A lot of the games will feel like that Georgia game where, listen, my first read's not always going to be open. My second read's not always going to be open. He's a good extender. That's what I like about Stroud. He'll be able to extend plays, not always need to just run.

But they need to get more weapons, and they'll have the opportunity to do that with all the picks they have in the rest of this draft. But the Texans make the logical decision and take CJ Stroud number two overall.