Rogers: 'Johnston can make really difficult plays'

Matthew Berry, Jay Croucher and Connor Rogers evaluate new Los Angeles Chargers WR Quentin Johnston's fantasy value next season in an offense that includes Mike Williams, Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler.

Video Transcript

- The run on wide receivers, it's finally on, gentlemen. Quentin Johnston, TCU wide receiver goes 21 to the Chargers. They get a weapon for Justin Herbert. What kind of a weapon are they getting?

- A true outside target that can play above the rim, needs to be more consistent catching the football, had the eight drops this year. But Quentin Johnston can make the really difficult plays, especially in the red zone, and I'll tell you this, for his size, he's very shifty with the ball in his hands. You just like to see more consistency. 11 of his 14 games, he was held to less than five catches. He only eclipsed 100 yard mark in four of those 14 games. So needs to dial in the consistency, but in this offense, Matthew Berry, he doesn't need to be the guy right away.

MATTHEW BERRY: No, he doesn't. I'm going to say two things that are going to seem contradictory, but I promise you, they make sense, which is that I love this pick, and he's outside my top 50. And here's why. Look, they have Keenan Allen. They have Mike Williams. They have, in theory, maybe Austin Ekeler out of the backfield as well. Right? They-- he's going to be low in the pecking order. Obviously, Josh Palmer as well is still there, but both Mike Williams and Keenan Allen have suffered a lot of injuries. Keenan Allen, definitely on the wrong side of 30 here.

So I think, while he's not somebody I'm drafting in redraft except maybe very late as a flyer, I think there is absolutely-- there will be a fantasy football Happy Hour episode this year where we're talking about go pick up Quentin Johnston because he could easily play his way into an elite offense. And I love him in dynasty. This is a great landing spot for him to grow alongside Justin Herbert.

- Yeah, we've waited for a while to see Herbert with a full complement of weapons just because we know what kind of talent he is. It looks like this is the year that we might get it.

MATTHEW BERRY: Yeah, you know what? It's interesting. We talked to a friend of the podcast, Austin Ekeler, last year, and one of the things he said is that they really missed a deep threat. That when Jalen Guyton went down in the preseason, that took away that big vertical threat that they had in the offense. And so Johnston gives them that. It's one of the reasons why Ekeler got so many dump offs last year, is they didn't have a vertical threat. So I think, look, Ekeler is still a monster, but assuming he comes back, maybe you could see a slight reduction in his passing game usage because they now have a guy in Johnston that can fly.

- I saw a very similar player to Martavis Bryant, and we know they like the jump-ball wide receiver. So Quentin Johnston, it'll be exciting to watch him work with Herbert as they try to get more vertical.