Roger Goodell says 2020 NFL Draft will go on as scheduled in April

Erin Walsh
NBC Sports Boston

Well, it looks like the NFL Draft will not be delayed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent out a memo to teams Thursday stating that the 2020 draft will go on as scheduled from April 23-25, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. 

While all events in Las Vegas have been cancelled, teams are expected to prepare for some sort of online format and they'll likely conduct business from outside their facilities.

Although the draftees will be upset their big moment is rather unconventional, you have to think the NFL will try to do something special for them when the coronavirus concerns die down. 

Considering the draft officially will go on as planned, here are the picks the New England Patriots have:

  • Round 1, 23rd overall: Assigned selection

  • Round 3, 87th overall: Assigned selection

  • Round 3, 98th overall: Compensatory pick

  • Round 3, 100th overall: Compensatory pick

  • Round 4, 125th overall: From Chicago

  • Round 6, 195th overall: From Denver

  • Round 6, 204th overall: From Houston

  • Round 6, 212th overall: Compensatory pick

  • Round 6, 213th overall: Compensatory pick

  • Round 7, 230th overall: From Atlanta

  • Round 7, 235th overall: From Philadelphia

  • Round 7, 241st overall: From Seattle

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Roger Goodell says 2020 NFL Draft will go on as scheduled in April originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

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