Roger Goodell jokes NFL came up with a good script that had Chiefs winning Super Bowl

Nick Wagner/

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took the stage at the Kansas City Music Hall last month and was showered with boos.

Goodell was disappointed with the crowd, but not because of the jeers. He actually wanted the audience to be louder.

It was all part of the fun when Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and brother Jason of the Philadelphia Eagles recorded their “New Heights” podcast the day before the NFL Draft.

Goodell was invited to introduce the Kelce brothers, which he did, but he also did a short monologue that was quite funny.

“Good evening and welcome to the ‘New Heights Live’ NFL Draft special,” Goodell said. “We are thrilled to be here in Kansas City in this beautiful Kansas City Music Hall. This venue has been the home, as I understand it, for some of the finest Broadway shows, some of the great symphony orchestras and now finally — finally I say — a football podcast that can’t decide if Waffle House is a diner.

“And this all started last season when the NFL script writers and I decided ... ”

At that point the crowd erupted.

“It was a pretty good script this year, wouldn’t you say?” Goodell asked as the crowd roared its approval about the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory.

“But we got together and decided that two brothers should play each other in the Super Bowl,” Goodell continued. “So when the Bosa brothers said no, I said, ‘Well, I guess the Kelces will do.’ So we got the Kelces.”

Goodell then mentioned a fan favorite among the Kelce family.

“Now this won’t be a surprise to you, but we all know that this would not be possible without one woman. I don’t know where you are Donna, but Donna Kelce!” Goodell said.

“Donna asked me last year at the Super Bowl if I would so kind to come on her sons’ show. Yeah, I know, it’s a tear-jerker. I said, ‘Donna, they’re in their 30s. Don’t you think it’s time to stop helping them all the time? I think they can stand on their own two feet.’”

For the uninitiated, former NFL running back Arian Foster said a week before Super Bowl LVII that he and all players receive a script with how each game is going to be played.

Here is the full episode of the “New Heights” podcast from the Music Hall, and Goodell comes on early in the video. Be aware that there is quite a bit of cursing in the video, but not during Goodell’s segment.