A-Rod was 'unable to have an intellectual conversation about anything,' says ex's mom

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There's no doubt Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are in love -- but it may not have been a love for conversation that drew them together.

Rodriguez's ex-girlfriend, Anne Wojcicki, and her mom opened up about the high-profile relationship in the New York Times in a profile about Anne. She's the Yale-educated CEO behind personal genomics company 23andMe. An expert in genomics -- a field of molecular biology -- Anne certainly made an unexpected partner for the Yankees icon when they dated in 2016.

"I liked A-Rod, he was a very nice man," Anne's mother, Esther, told the Times. "He seemed to be genuinely in love with Anne. But I right away figured out this was a mismatch. He had no academic background. We couldn’t have an intellectual conversation about anything."

The two struggled to have high-level discussion, she said, because Rodriguez prefers to only discuss one topic.

"His main interest in life was something that none of us had ever focused on, which was baseball," Esther said. "He could park himself in front of a TV and watch baseball for 10 hours a day. He wasn’t even sure he wanted to go on the yacht with Anne because the TV might not be working."

He's likely found a much better fit in Jennifer Lopez, she said: "We couldn’t go anywhere with him. If we went to Target to look for clothes for the kids, all of a sudden we’d be looking around and people would be saying, ‘We just want a selfie with A-Rod.’ He can’t walk across Central Park. He has to take a cab. That will work better with J-Lo because she’s like, ‘Take a picture of me anytime.’"

The brief brush with fame was enough for Anne. "I’d really love to date someone who’s really simple and not famous," she admitted. "My life is already pretty complicated."


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