Rockies coach downs 25 Philly cheesesteaks during Phillies series

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Rockies coach downs 25 cheesesteaks during 4-game series originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

The Rockies would probably like to forget their trip to Philadelphia this week, getting swept in a 4-game series by the Phillies, with an aggregate score of 32-9. But one member of the club had a week to remember.

The team’s physical performance coach, Mike Jasperson, apparently came to Philadelphia on a mission. He downed – gulp – 25 cheesesteaks over the course of the four days the Rockies were in town.

He smashed the record previously set by Brewers bullpen catcher Marcus Hanel, who smashed 23 cheesesteaks during Milwaukee's series at CBP in 2015.

My goodness. Just thinking about doing that is enough to make you physically ill. 25 cheesesteaks is probably more than the average Philadelphian eats in a calendar year, and my man housed them in 96 hours.

Rockies pitcher Kyle Freeland immortalized the feat with this inspirational video.

First of all, if you’re going to take on this challenge, shirtless is definitely the way to go. It’s an extra accent to show folks “I am not messing around.” Also, the background music of Hall of Fame by The Script is perfect.

Jasperson definitely doesn't fit the description of someone who would gorge himself on cheesesteaks. He looks like he was chiseled out of granite.

I have so many questions. What makes you want to do that? Did he consult a doctor beforehand? From which place did he get the cheesesteaks? Wit or witout?

Guessing Jasperson tackled this challenge for the same reason people run marathons or climb mountains: to push the human body to its physical (or digestive) limits.

Heroes don’t always wear capes. Sometimes, they go shirtless.