Rockets Writer Vowed to Get Westbrook's MVP Stat Line Tattooed on Face if Trade Happened

Khadrice Rollins

Sometimes, you don't need to say the most ridiculous thing possible on the internet to make sure people pay attention to how you feel about something.

Red Nation Hoops contributor Taylor Pate is learning about this the hard way.

When rumors of a potential Russell Westbrook trade first came in, there was some talk that the 2017 MVP would get moved to the Rockets.

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Pate essentially laughed at that idea.

Well, on Thursday, Westbrook was traded to the Rockets. And while Twitter was going wild, Pate was trying to decide how he could potentially avoid doing what he said he would in this scenario.

But, he is coping with the idea and seems prepared to go for it. If he can afford it.

I wonder how happy Rockets fans would be if Westbrook had his fourth straight season averaging a triple-double.

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