The Rock Shares His 'Final Boss' Wrestlemania 40 Workout

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The Rock's 'Final Boss' Wrestlemania 40 WorkoutUnder Armour

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THE ROCK'S RETURN to the WWE's most hallowed ring at Wrestlemania 40 was fan service spectacle, as he paired up with Roman Reigns to take on Cody Rhodes, the eventual champion. Johnson took on a new persona for the arc: The Final Boss (which reflects the world outside the ring, since he now sits on the board of directors of the WWE's parent company, TKO Group).

Johnson revealed on Instagram that he underwent an intense 12-week training camp to prepare for the ring, which he called "intense and unlike anything I’ve ever done." Considering the extreme lengths the actor is known to have undergone to prepare for his supersized action hero roles—his Black Adam training in particular—this Wrestlemania routine must have been really intense. "Pushing myself physically, mentally and psychologically to places I’ve never gone," he wrote.

He shared a full video of his final training sessions for the split, which he called a "raw, uncut" peek into his time in the gym one week out from the Wrestlemania event. The workout is a non-stop series of lower body training, focused on movements like pit squats, leg presses, and lunges.

He's structured the series as a circuit, or, as he calls it late in the clip (when he decides to tack on a bonus "championship round,") giant sets. That means that he moves directly from one exercise to the next, only resting in the time it takes to move from station to station until the end of the round. Since it's one of the final sessions of his program before the event, he's not pushing heavy weights. Johnson moves slowly on the eccentric portions on all of the machine movements, which is a key for building muscle.

When Johnson says he's giving fans an uncut look at his training, he means it. He's not just sharing one single set or just a few reps—the clip has the entire three rounds of the workout, plus an extra bonus exercise he decides to tack on at the end.

The Rock's 'Final Boss' Leg Workout

Exercise 1 - Iso-Lateral Leg Press

20 reps

Exercise 2 - Vertical Leg Press

12 reps

Exercise 3 - Belt Squat

10 reps

Exercise 4 - Reverse Hack Squat

10 reps

Exercise 5 - Walking Lunges

20 reps

2 minute rest


3 sets of 10 reps

Stay tuned for the entire video and you'll see Johnson struggling through the volume as he jokes with passersby about how tough the session is, quoting Ronnie Coleman, and explaining his outlook on rest time and discipline within his training.

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