Robinson: I think Brett Favre told Aaron Rodgers not to trust Packers front office | Yahoo Sports NFL Podcast

Senior NFL Writers Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson discuss what’s next for Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers. Could the Packers have another ugly divorce with a Hall of Fame quarterback? It sounds like Brett Favre is telling Rodgers to watch his back. Hear the full conversation on the Yahoo Sports NFL Podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: Aaron and Brett Favre have become friends. Like, they are good friends. And I think what's really interesting about this is-- I feel good saying this. I think Brett has told Aaron, do not trust the front office. Do not trust the coaching staff. Don't trust them to do the right thing. And I think he's speaking from experience, having gone through it with a front office that's still run the same way it was under Ted Thompson. May he rest in peace, by the way. Ted Thompson, the great Ted Thompson, who passed away this week.

You know, Brian Gutekunst knows the blueprint. He runs the blueprint very similarly. Now, he's done a little bit-- you know, he's done some different things. Strokes and free agency. Not this past off-season, but the one before. But I think that Aaron is listening to Brett a little bit, and Brett is saying, hey, it happened to me. I don't hold it against you. I'm happy for you. We're tight, we're good, we're boys now. And we've bonded through this common shared experience.

And so I think that Aaron is going to go into this off-season not trusting the coaching staff, not trusting the front office. And that's why I think, frankly, I think this guy-- it's not going to be ambiguous on his part. I think there is going to be a list. I think he's going to have a list of things that he wants to know will happen. And if those things aren't going to happen, I think what Aaron's going to end up saying is, like, look, OK. We just need to part company. And so let me figure out where I want to go, and let's arrange this. Let's figure this whole thing out and we can just divorce.

Now, if you're the Packers, I'm going to tell you something right now. If you have an ugly ending with two Hall of Fame quarterbacks, it's really hard for me to not always remember that.

TEREZ PAYLOR: Oh, yeah, for sure.

CHARLES ROBINSON: That's just-- organizationally, there's not many teams that have two ugly endings with Hall of Fame quarterbacks, and this would absolutely be an ugly ending.

TEREZ PAYLOR: Yeah. And I think it almost always ends bad. And it's going to be heightened because they've been lucky enough to have two in a row. But if I'm Green Bay, no, I don't feel comfortable handing the reins over next year to the next guy. Like, what is the list of demands? Oh, is this the list? OK, you got it. Like, I'm great. Like, I'm doing it. And I know it's football wisdom, I get it. But I'm just telling you, with where they're at, and with Jordan Love's lack of work, I'm just telling you, I'd be capitulating like crazy.

CHARLES ROBINSON: And Terez, I think it's going to be a doable list. I really do. I don't think it's going to be anything crazy. I don't think we're going to find out that, oh my god, he's asking for, you know, anything wild. I don't even think it would rise to, like, the Antonio Brown level of Tom in Tampa, or trading for Rob Gronkowski. I don't even think it's that. I will bet you the list will probably be more conservative than most people would think.

TEREZ PAYLOR: Great. Let's go.

CHARLES ROBINSON: But here's one of the things that I would expect. If you look at the structure of Aaron's contract, OK, there's a reality here about money, OK? And to tell Aaron-- if Aaron's looking across the sideline at Tom, what Tom got from Tampa that was important was $50 million guaranteed. They said, here's your two-year window. We're giving you the money to show you we are committed to that window. It's not going away, it's right there. That's the two years, we're committed.

I think for Aaron to feel good about coming back to the Packers, they're going to have to guarantee his next two seasons of salary to say, here's your window. We see your window, we believe in your window. Here's the money to prove it. And we'll deal with Jordan Love down the line. But right now, we are committing to your window the way that they committed to Tom's window.