Robinson High flag football riding 57 game playoff win streak

TAMPA - Emma Smithson eats, breathes, and sleeps football.

"It has kind of embedded itself into every aspect of my life," Smithson said.

Now, the game has impacted her future, as well.

"I want to be the director of rehabilitation for an NFL team," she said.

But that dream might have stayed just that, a dream, if it weren't for Smithson's time playing quarterback for the Robinson High School flag football team.

"This has been the most incredible thing I've ever been a part of," the senior said.

"Incredible" doesn't even begin to describe the Knights' success on the field, however. Senior wide receiver and linebacker Tammy Jerson describes it as "insanity."

What is insane is that the Knights are riding a 57-game winning streak in the FHSAA playoffs that dates back to 2016. Over that time, Robinson has taken home seven straight state titles.

"I think it is crazy how much we've done, the program has done, to get to this point where we are at 57 straight wins in the playoffs," Jerson said.

That streak has now taken on a life of its own.

"It's something you think about and remember, but it's kind of something different because this is the playoffs," said head coach Josh Saunders.

The law of averages would suggest the Knights can't keep this streak up forever. As it turns out, Saunders almost seems OK with that as he hopes to help other teams and coaches catch up to his Knights.

"We go and talk at conferences and will tell people everything that we do. I invite coaches to come to practice," Saunders says. "Flag football is at a point where we've got more and more people playing every day. And it is not going to be a great sport if it is one or two dominant teams. You need everybody to get good."

The Knights' days of dominance may be numbered, but that doesn't mean that dominance has to end right now.

"We want teams to get better. We just always want to stay ahead of where they are," Saunders says.

Clearly, that dominance can continue for as long as Robinson keeps it up.

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