Robin Lopez shows off his cup-stacking skills (VIDEO)

New Orleans Hornets center Robin Lopez is a man of many talents and hobbies. He has always been very vocal about his interest in drawing and comics, and as a student at Stanford he even acted in a large-scale production. Yes, Lopez is a little goofy, like his brother Brook, but he's also not shy about expressing his interest in subjects that aren't necessarily dripping in machismo.

Take, for instance, this video produced by the Hornets, in which Lopez shows off his skills at cup-stacking. In a mere 23 seconds, Lopez stacks and unstacks a 15-cup pyramid, complete with very brief "ta-da" hand motion. He is a true magician.

I implore Lopez and the Hornets to make more of these videos. Maybe the next one can involve Robin and Ryan Anderson jumping rope?

(via The Brooklyn Game and New York Post)

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