Robert Woods feels Titans are “kind of holding me back a little bit” in ACL recovery

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Wide receiver Robert Woods tore his ACL while at a Rams practice last November, which meant that he missed out on playing an on-field role as the team made a run to Super Bowl LVI.

He won’t be part of any repeat bid either. The Rams traded him to the Titans earlier this offseason and he’s now working his way back to health while acclimating himself to a new team. He offered an update on both processes this week.

Woods said the organization has a “mindset and attitude you want to be a part of” even if he feels like they may be keeping him from moving as fast as he might like in his rehab from the knee injury.

“I actually feel like they’re kind of holding me back a little bit,” Woods said, via the team’s website. “I am trying to get back as well as I can, just doing everything [trainer] Todd Toriscelli has me doing, trying to stay focused and be patient with it. Right now I feel really, really good, getting going, being able to do some things. But really my main goal is to be ready, and be back in tip-top shape. I just want to be ready to go when it is time. It is a long season, and you have to be prepared to go every single game and be prepared to last and be explosive.”

When Woods arrived in Tennessee, the thought was that he’d complement A.J. Brown at wideout. Brown was traded during the draft, however, and that makes it all the more important for the team and Woods to make sure that he’s healthy enough to go full speed come September.

Robert Woods feels Titans are “kind of holding me back a little bit” in ACL recovery originally appeared on Pro Football Talk