Robert Saleh is skipping the Scouting Combine, again

Some coaches see the value in personally attending the Scouting Combine. Some don't.

Jets coach Robert Saleh remains in the "don't" category.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Saleh is skipping the Combine again. He hasn't attended since 2020, before he was a head coach.

He's not alone. Rams coach Sean McVay isn't attending. Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy won't go. We're trying to nail down with certainty the others who are skipping it.

For the head coach, it's a major disruption to his offseason routine. And some view it as unnecessary. All of the workouts are filmed, and the head coach can participate in the formal, 15-minute interviews by Zoom.

The biggest value is in the medical information gleaned from one set of tests performed on all of the prospects in one place at one time. Some coaches see the rest of it as a circus and a waste of time.

Meanwhile, we'll be heading to the Big Top with the goal of wasting the time of some coaches and General Managers, with PFT Live originating in Indianapolis from Tuesday through Friday.