Robert Saleh says he’s ‘never been around a quarterback quite like’ Aaron Rodgers

The Jets are about two weeks into their on-field workouts and their new relationship with quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Call it the “honeymoon stage” if you will, but the love the team has shown Rodgers early on has been about what you’d expect. That’s especially true of head coach Robert Saleh, who couldn’t be more thrilled to be around the four-time MVP.

Said Saleh on Rodgers: “I’ve never been around a quarterback quite like him, personally, and all his experience, his communication, every play, just talking to the receivers, talking to the backs, his demeanor in the meetings, all of that stuff. He practically is another coach out there, he’s pretty impressive.”

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When asked if that refers to Rodgers’ accomplishments or his personality, Saleh said, “Just his experience and how vocal he is with regard, in a good way, and how positive he is with the group and how much he wants to share his knowledge. It’s impressive.”

It goes without saying that Saleh hasn’t been around a quarterback like Rodgers, at least in his time with the Jets, considering he was almost immediately tied to Zach Wilson from the beginning and we all know how that’s gone. Even counting his time with the 49ers, many will argue Rodgers is better than Jimmy Garoppolo, who is now in Vegas.

Now, with this new quarterback, Saleh is hoping for a season much better than his first two as he is in search of his first winning season as head coach of the Jets. Rodgers’ experience and play should help elevate everyone around him and the hope is it at least results in a home playoff game for the first time since the 2002 season.

Story originally appeared on Jets Wire