Robert Saleh on Nathaniel Hackett: You’re always going to experience growth

Last week, a report emerged that during this offseason, the Jets had tried to hire someone to run the offense over coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.

New York did not make that addition to its staff, leaving Hackett in charge of the unit for 2024.

Head coach Robert Saleh was asked about the report in his Tuesday press conference and said he had already addressed it at the league meeting in late March — even though the information was reported last week. Still, Saleh did confirm that Hackett will be the primary play-caller in 2024.

"You know, you’re always going to experience growth," Saleh said of Hackett. "Last year, I think, was a tremendous learning experience for everybody — including myself. I think it’s about building an offense that can weather the storm of injury, right? Last year, we got kind of caught behind the eight ball with preparing — and, again, it's all part of, you’re trying to install an offense and so when you're trying to install an offense, you’re installing an offense with a plan that it's going to stay healthy for the season in Year 1.

"Year 2 coming around, I think it’s evolving the offense that still keeps it where the offense can hum. I’m trying not to give away any thoughts or things we’re doing differently. But there’s going to be a tremendous learning experience for everybody in how to weather the storm in regards to injury."

To that end, the Jets did sign veteran quarterback Tyrod Taylor to be Aaron Rodgers' backup and added multiple offensive linemen to beef up the depth on the unit. We'll see if Rodgers' return from a torn Achilles can be a recipe for success with Hackett calling the plays into the QB's headset.