Robert Saleh “keeping receipts” on those mocking the Jets

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The Jets are getting quite a bit of criticism, a lot of it well-deserved, after Sunday’s ugly output in their 24-9 season-opening loss to the Baltimore Ravens. But head coach Robert Saleh isn’t here for any of it. At least, don’t be mocking the team right now because he’s “keeping receipts”, as he told the media Monday.

Saleh will also be “more than happy to share them when all is said and done.”

“It’s going to happen,” Saleh said in regards to the Jets showing improvement this season. “And we’re all taking receipts on all the people who continually mock and say that we ain’t going to do anything. I’m taking receipts and I’m gonna be more than happy to share them with all y’all.“

That would require the Jets to show a lot more life than they did Sunday against the Ravens. However, in his words, the Jets did not get beat on Sunday. “In my opinion, we did not get beat,” he said. “We lost. Those are two totally different things.”

In a way, he’s right. The Jets only trailed by seven at the half. The second half is when the game got away from them. On the other hand, the Jets eventually looked lifeless and once again showed no fight once the game got out of reach.

Saleh understands fans are frustrated. Fans want to see immediate results in what he called the “instant-coffee age.” Saleh and the coaches feel the same way.

“It’s exhausting. Nobody wants to lose. And it’s on us as coaches to see how quickly we can accelerate this. How we can get these guys to where they need to be. We’re always trying to accelerate and win immediately. We want to win, we want to win now.”

Saleh even referenced the rebuild when talking to The Michael Kay Show on ESPN, saying the Jets were “worse than an expansion roster before Joe got here.”

Jets fans hope that acceleration starts Sunday when the Jets travel to Cleveland to take on the Browns.

Story originally appeared on Jets Wire