Robert Saleh gave players an open forum to speak about Damar Hamlin

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For Bills and Bengals players, Monday night’s incident created a very real trauma that will take time to process and overcome. Players on other teams will need to talk through the situation as well.

Jets coach Robert Saleh knows this. He gave his players the floor on Wednesday morning to discuss Damar Hamlin‘s situation.

Here’s what Saleh told reporters about the situation on Wednesday.

Just opened it up for the guys to speak,” Saleh said. “Obviously, our doctors were in there if they had any questions for the docs, and gave the doctors the forum to kind of speak on that, too. Very hard situation as I’m sure it is in every building in the NFL right now. . . .

“I think when you’re in the building, I don’t think it ever leaves you on how — you know, when I’ve gotten up here and I’ve talked about how these young men deserve everything they’ve got. They earn it all. And they deserve to have as much as they’re asking for. And they deserve whatever the NFL is willing to give them. It’s because we know what they do every day. We know how hard it is to play this game. And it’s not just playing the game of football, it’s all the preparation and how much their bodies hurt, every day. . . .

“I think it’s a giant punch in the gut to everybody, especially outside NFL circles, who just watch it and lack the actual empathy to put themselves in the shoes of these football players, and what they go through on a daily basis.”

Amen to that. Moving forward, here’s hoping that people who view NFL players as robots or interchangeable pieces of a giant football machine will think of Damar Hamlin, and remember the basic humanity of the men who play pro football — and that they are sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, nephews, uncles, teammates, mentors, and friends.

Robert Saleh gave players an open forum to speak about Damar Hamlin originally appeared on Pro Football Talk