Robert Quinn could be first player in NFL history to play 18 games

Quinn could be first player ever to play 18 games originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Former Bears edge rusher Robert Quinn has the chance to make NFL history this season.

Since the Bears haven't had their bye week since Quinn was on the team, and the Eagles already had their bye week during Week 7, Quinn could become the first NFL player to play 18 games in one season.

The same scenario probably happened in the past, but this is the first season NFL teams are playing 17 regular season games instead of 16. That means Quinn will have a chance to play in the most NFL games recorded in a regular season.

Dean Marlowe of the Buffalo Bills is in the same boat. Marlowe was traded from the Falcons, who haven't served their bye week, to the Buffalo Bills, who had experienced their bye week during Week 7.

Quinn was traded from the Bears to the Eagles for a fourth-round pick in the 2023 NFL draft. Similarly, the Bears traded Roquan Smith to the Eagles for a second- and fifth-round pick in the upcoming draft. On Tuesday, the day of the NFL trade deadline, the Bears acquired Chase Claypool from the Steelers in exchange for their own second-round pick.

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