Robert Pattinson blew up a microwave in the middle of an interview

Robert Pattinson, the Edward Cullen of the past and the Batman of the future, has had an eventful quarantine, to say the least. In a wide-ranging interview with GQ, the star attempted to demonstrate the creation of an original dish he called piccolini cuscino, or “little pillow”. While FaceTiming with reporter Zach Baron, he smashed pasta, cheese, sugar, cornflakes and “any sauce” into a tinfoil ball. He “mistakenly” put the concoction into a microwave that he thought was an oven. “A lightning bolt erupts from the oven/microwave, and Pattinson ducks like someone outside has opened fire,” Baron wrote for the magazine. “The f ****** electricity … Oh my God,” Pattinson said from the floor. “Yeah, I think I have to leave that alone. But that is a piccolini cuscino”. It’s possible the entire act was an elaborate performance art piece. Pattinson has been known to troll people. Christopher Nolan, who directed him in “Tenet,” told GQ that even as an actor, he was always “slightly f****** with you”