Robert Kraft urges NFL and players to use their platforms to speak against hate in all forms

Patriots owner Robert Kraft has created the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism with the primary goal of fighting hate against the Jewish community. He wants the blue square that represents the effort to signify the fight against hatred in all its forms.

"This is a symbol for unity and solidarity to push back against all hate," Kraft told Rich Eisen of NFL Network during an interview before Sunday's Colts-Patriots game. "I started this new foundation to combat hate against antisemitism, Black hate, Asian hate, Muslim hate, Hispanic hate, LGBTQ+ [hate]. . . . I realized that things were going on that were very disturbing and we started this foundation and unfortunately the demand for it and the support we need throughout this country we want to — I know I lived the American dream in the states because of the way our country is. Opportunities were open to everyone. And I think what's going on now is a little scary to me. . . . [O]ur foundation tries to educate people to how bad things are in this area so that people stand up and push back against it."

So what can the NFL and its players do to assist?

"I think they can use the symbolism of this blue square and stand up — they all have platforms — and speak out against it," Kraft said. "I know our players of color have experienced discrimination, and they can relate to that as well. So I think it's incumbent upon the NFL, businesses, other sports leagues to all stand up against this hate."

Indeed it is. At a time when we seem to disagree about everything, we should be able to agree that hate in all forms is unacceptable, and that we should join hearts, minds, and voices and fight against.