Robert Griffin III says the Saints got the steal of the draft in Spencer Rattler

There weren’t many people expecting Spencer Rattler to make it to the fifth round of the 2024 NFL draft, but the New Orleans Saints made sure he didn’t fall any further. And Robert Griffin III was ecstatic to see them to do it — he says the Saints got the steal of the draft at quarterback by picking Rattler at No. 150.

“Of all the quarterbacks in this year’s draft class Spencer Rattler probably had the worst offensive line,” Griffin began, highlighting a fourth-quarter play against Kentucky in which he keyed his running back into picking up the blitz. He continued, “No hate on them, because he never complained about it, but it shows up routinely on his tape.”

On that play Rattler stepped in the pocket and hit his receiver Xavier Legette for a go-ahead touchdown. But he was sacked 103 times in his five-year career, including 39 times last season at South Carolina. He could develop into something special if the Saints can do a better job protecting him.

But that’s far off in the distance. It’s important Rattler take this journey one step at a time, learn from his experience in practice, and work out the wrinkles. He has all the arm talent in the world and a great understanding of the game. Limiting his gambles and protecting the football will go a long way.

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire