Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. praises Aaron Rodgers as a "critical thinker"

Before Aaron Rodgers issued an incomplete statement regarding his alleged belief in Sandy Hook conspiracy theories, the man who made Rodgers relevant beyond football this week spoke in support of his potential running mate.

Via, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. praised the Jets quarterback in a Wednesday night appearance on Fox News.

"Aaron Rodgers is battle tested," Kennedy said. "He's been hammered by the press, he's stood up for things he believes in and I like that part of his character. He is a critical thinker and I think we need that at the time."

Kennedy later used interesting conjugation in further discussing Rodgers.

"He is somebody who I think will help me get the country healthy again," Kennedy said. "He's 40 years old, he's focused on his own health. He is very aware of health issues and, you know, that's one of the key parts of my agenda is to get the country healthier."

Not "could help me," but "will help me."

Kennedy himself has said that Rodgers and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura top the list for the V.P. spot. Kennedy will name his running mate on March 26.

The day after Kennedy spoke publicly about Rodgers, Rodgers posted a denial that he has ever expressed the opinion that the Sandy Hook shooting did not happen. His statement did not, however, dispute his alleged belief that it was a "government inside job."

Rodgers has not said that he isn't interested in running for V.P. Until he says he's not, we can only assume he is.