Rob Ninkovich has concerns with Patriots’ lack of offensive identity

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Former New England Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich is concerned about the team’s offense heading into the 2022 season.

Much of the concern has been centered around New England not naming an offensive coordinator. Matt Patricia and Joe Judge have taken turns in trying to conduct the offense. The Patriots dedicated extensive preseason work to trying out the new offensive system. Now, they will have to test it in real time, as they prepare for the Miami Dolphins.

Ninkovich appeared on ESPN’s “Get Up!” on Tuesday with questions as to whether the offensive style will work for the 2022 season.

“Now you have a new coordinator, you have question marks on who’s calling the plays — it’s not out there, but we know — you have an offensive line that’s trying to adapt to a new system,” said Ninkovich, via “With those things in place when you watch this last preseason game, you kind of want things to be rolling in a good way, as opposed to playing poorly in your last preseason game.

“In the past, September, yes there’s always going to be some changes that are going to happen in the first couple weeks of the season. You’re trying to adapt your team, your roster, manipulate your roster to help yourself. But with not having an identity, I think that’s going to be their biggest obstacle, trying to figure out what are we offensively right now? What are we trying to do?”

New England does not have the benefit of being able to ease into things, either. Following the trip to Miami, they take on the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens as they make their way through the AFC North.

The new offensive system will be put to the test, as the Patriots try to keep pace with the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East. There could be some growing pains early on, as the team tries to adjust to the new system and personnel.


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Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire