Rob Gronkowski takes jab at Aaron Rodgers over ‘MVP’ comment I The Rush

Rob Gronkowski took issue with the emphasis Aaron Rodgers placed on winning another NFL MVP award during his recent appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, the Cowboys signed a kicker to its practice squad after more than 31 million people watched Brett Maher miss a record four PATs in Dallas’ wildcard win over the Bucs and Usain Bolt made a shocking discovery that left his wallet as light as a feather.

Video Transcript

ROB GRONKOWSKI: Like, bro, like, why are you thinking MVP? Like, don't you want Super Bowls? Like, Super Bowls are, I think, five times greater than an MVP award.

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JARED QUAY: Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made some comments on Tuesday's "Pat McAfee Show" that raised a lot of eyebrows, including this one.

AARON RODGERS: Do I still think I can play? Of course. Of course. Can I play at a high level? Yeah-- the highest. I think I can win MVP again in the right situation.

JARED QUAY: Two eyebrows raised by that quote belonged to future Hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski.

ROB GRONKOWSKI: I'm totally fine with everything he said except one major part. And that's the MVP again. It's just that I think I-- I think I can win another Super Bowl. And then that would have been totally fine.


JARED QUAY: So, basically, Gronk is implying that Rodgers is coming at this from a selfish as hell mindset. Teamwork makes the dream work, Aaron.

ROB GRONKOWSKI: Everyone would know even more how many more Super Bowls you've won than MVPs. So that's why I'm just a little confused about that.

JARED QUAY: Gronk is so diplomatic. "Up & Adams" host, Kay Adams, on the other hand--

KAY ADAMS: And you've won. You've won four. He's won one.

- Case in point.

JARED QUAY: The Dallas Cowboys aren't thinking about MVP races right now. They're focused on the sample task of kicking PATs, which apparently isn't so simple because with a TV audience of 31.2 million people watching, Cowboys kicker Brett Maher missed a record four consecutive point after attempts in Dallas wild card win over the Buccaneers.


- That was painful to watch.

JARED QUAY: On Wednesday, the Cowboys put a mitigation plan in place by signing a kicker to their practice squad.

- Just in case.

JARED QUAY: Yeah, you gotta have an insurance policy ready. Just ask Usain Bolt. Usain Bolt's lawyers are claiming that nearly $13 million have gone missing from his bank account.

- What do you mean, missing?

JARED QUAY: Bolt's lawyers say that the sprinter's account with a Jamaican private investment firm steadily dwindled from $12.8 million down to $12,000 without explanation.

- Oh, God, I can't breathe right now.

JARED QUAY: The firm claims, yes, something fraudulent is going on and that several of it's clients may have been impacted and could be missing millions of dollars. Yo, someone find my man's money because if they don't, Bolt's probably coming for my job. We've had this man on our show multiple times. And he is good-- like, really good. The charm, charisma-- he's got it all. Find Bolt's money, and find it fast, all right? Because, if not, he's gonna be sitting right here telling you "The Rush." And he gon' make a lot more money than I make because he gon' do it fast. He gon' be able to do three or four episodes in a day. I was pretty fast in college, but not as fast as Bolt.