Rob Gronkowski said he received calls from teams to play this season, but his ‘mindset’ wasn’t there

The longtime tight end still hopes to reunite with Tom Brady off the field.

Rob Gronkowski received a few phone calls both before and during the season in an effort to get the tight end back on the field.

Though he didn’t reveal who tried to sway him out of retirement, Gronkowski said Thursday that he never really considered playing again. He wasn’t into it.

"This year my mindset wasn't even close to going back out on the field," Gronkowski said, via ESPN. "Even when a couple teams called me, it just wasn't there. The situation was the right situation, but my mindset wasn't there. I feel like my mindset just isn't there [to play again], even going into this offseason. I would say it's a very slim chance."

Gronkowski played in the league for 11 seasons, all with Tom Brady either as a part of the New England Patriots or Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He came out of retirement to rejoin Brady in Tampa, too, so thinking the 33-year-old would do so again wasn’t a ridiculous idea.

Gronkowski has since started working with Fox as an NFL analyst, among his other business and endorsement ventures.

Gronk still ready to reunite with Tom Brady

While he hasn’t completely closed the door on playing again, Gronkowski is still looking forward to reuniting with Brady in the near future.

That just won’t be on the field. It’ll be in the broadcast booth.

“I’m hoping that he comes and joins me very soon,” Gronkowski said, via Sports Illustrated. “It’s a lot of fun. Fox has just great people. We have such a great team in the studio. We’ve got Michael Strahan. We’ve got Howie Long. We’ve got Terry Bradshaw. They’re just such great guys to be around. They get the job done but at the same time, they’re always cracking jokes and having a blast, which I love.”

Brady has signed a massive 10-year, $375 million deal with Fox to be the network’s lead on-air analyst once he officially retires, whenever that is.

It’s still unclear who Brady will be partnered with in the booth, but Gronkowski knows it at least won’t be him.

“I don’t think Tom will be joining us in the studio,” Gronkowski said, via Sports Illustrated. “I think he’ll be up in the booth booth. I’m not a booth booth guy … I’m not a commentator.”

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady
Rob Gronkowski is still ready to reunite with Tom Brady in the near future. (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
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